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From the Shepherd's Heart

Dear Friends,

Milestones in life are many.  Birthday.  First day of school.  Graduations.  First job.  Marriage.  Children.  You get the idea.  For many "baby boomers" that next milestone is retirement.  And, as many of us are finding out these days, you may be working in some form or fashion up until the day Christ calls you home!

For a minister of the gospel there is no retirement until that happens, only a reassignment of dutues.  November of 2022 is just such a time for us, as I will be retiring from full-time pastoral ministry to return to the role of associational missionary.  Now referred to as "Associational Missions Strategist", this position allows a seasoned veteran to become a pastor to pastors and leader of a group of churches.  In my case that will be the Polk Baptist Association based in Columbus, North Carolina.

Instead of retiring, it is a retreading of sorts that will, hopefully, allow me to assist in raising up the next generation of leaders for the body of Christ, while ministering to our churches that are going through the greatest time of transition we have seen in a generation.  It means alot of "re" for today's ministry.  Church revitalization.  Church replanting.  Church restoration.  Prayerfully, revival!

So, Sue and I covet your prayers as we enter this new adventure in life.  We will continue to assist our great team of leaders at First Baptist, as they transition toward new pastoral leadership.  In the meantime, First Baptist is blessed with a number of great leaders, who will help the church move forward in ministry.  If you live in Fairfield County, I would encourage you to worship with this dynamic family of faith.  You can be part of taking this congregation to the next level as we stand in the gap and minister in these challenging days.

Of course, you can still follow our ministry on Rumble and YouTube.  Our online presence will only increase in the days to come, so follow and stay in touch.  As the song says (that you sang to us on our last Sunday), friends are friends forever, when the Lord's the Lord of them!

Blessings In Christ,

Pastor Craig Bailey