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From the Shepherd's Heart

Dear Friends,

As we fly, headlong, into the year 2019, we should sll make some resolutions.  Not the kind we break within a few days over what we will wear, eat or achieve, but the kind that help us focus on Godly goals for a New Year.

We will be looking at some of those as we get back into our series on the life of Jesus Christ in January.  Some of the questions we should ask are:

1) Am I a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ?  What should I do to dedicate (or rededicate) myself to Christ?

2) What church family am I fully committed to as a place of service with people I can share worship, service and growth with?

3) Am I worshiping regularly in both private and public?

4) Am I studying God's word with a small group of people?

5) Have I identified my spiritual gifts and abilities and put them to use in serving as a missionary for Christ on my mission field?

6) Am I loving as Christ commanded me to love, building and restoring relationships?

7) Does my family have my loyalty, love and devotion?

There are other questions we could ask, but if you allow these seven to penetrate your heart and respond to them properly in the New Year, I believe our families, churches and communities will be stronger than ever.  I am looking forward to the New Year as we serve Christ together and look forward to His coming!

In Christ,

Pastor Craig Bailey